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Code of Practice
Our code of practice recognises that the charities to which we provide services, expect the highest standards of professional conduct.

A Commitment To Charitable Objectives
JTA is committed to the principles of charitable giving and will only serve charities which, to the best of its knowledge, have aims and intentions which are honourable and worthy.

JTA makes only those claims of experience and achievement which can be substantiated. JTA will neither guarantee results nor promise to raise sums which are unrealistic.

JTA does not work on commission. Fees are agreed in advance and are based on the services to be provided and are not directly related to the amount to be raised.

Fundraising Techniques
JTA will not knowingly use any fundraising techniques which may bring the profession or the client into disrepute.

JTA will keep strictly confidential client information to which it becomes privy and undertakes to avoid conflicts of interest when seeking new business.

Agreement To Provide Services
All services to be provided will be based on an agreed contract which covers:
  • The service to be provided.
  • The fees to be paid.
  • The method of payment.
  • The duration of the service.
  • Arrangements for the termination or revision of the contract.

Professional Conduct
JTA’s consultants conduct themselves at all times with complete integrity, honesty and trustfulness and seek to bring credit to the profession by their public behaviour.


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